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TWL Member
09-04-2008 12:09 PM / profile

The purpose of this thread is to be a resource for teams and players who need to set up a TF2 server for a TWL match. It is NOT an official rules document. I will also provide some links to pages with information on setting up a TF2 server from scratch.

For information regarding source dedicated servers in general, please visit the following pages:

The following thread is a tutorial for setting up a TF2 server from scratch.

Note that the server config settings in that thread are for a public TF2 server. The TWL configs will change these settings to something match-appropriate when they are executed. If you encounter any issues while initially installing your server, I suggest that you make a post in the forums.

Once you have a working TF2 server, you will need to upload the TWL configs to it, in order that they can be executed before a match. The TWL configs are located here. Once you have downloaded the TWL configs, you will need to upload them to the config directory on your server, typically by using an FTP client. The process may vary by server provider. The TWL configs are updated periodically based on rules changes or updates to the game; if that happens it is your responsibility to download the latest configs and upload them to your server.

The appropriate server config must be executed before the start of a TWL match. There are different config files based on the map type and ladder/league; please read the rules document to see what maps belong to what configs. In order to execute a config, you must open up the console in-game and log into rcon. This can be done by typing “rcon_password yourpasswordhere”. Once you have logged in, type “rcon exec nameofconfig”. Note that to change any server variables requires you to type the word rcon before the normal command.

It is important to execute the config before you switch to the map for the match. If you are already on the map, you should reload it after executing the config. Certain variables will only be fully changed after a map restart (such as sv_gravity), and the sourceTV demo will contain less extra information this way. You should not need to re-execute a config for the second half of a match.

Once you have finished an entire match, it is recommended to execute your server.cfg and change the level, in order to stop the sourceTV demo and return the server to normal. Note that sourceTV demos are NOT required by TWL, but many people enjoy watching them. However, people do not enjoy downloading a huge demo file that contains 6 hours of blank footage because the map wasn't changed

Here are some common commands to use when administrating a TF2 server. Please note that you will have to log into rcon first, and type “rcon” before any command.

tf_weapon_criticals // set to 1 for crits, 0 for no crits
sv_password "name" // changes the server password to the quoted text
sv_alltalk // set to 1 for all talk, set to 0 for team speak
changelevel "cp_badlands" // changes the level to the quoted map
exec server // executes the default server cfg, replace "server" with a different cfg name to load it
mp_tournament // set to 1 to turn tournament mode on, 0 to turn it off
mp_tournament_restart // resets tournament mode mid-game
mp_tournament_stopwatch // set to 1 for stopwatch on, 0 for stopwatch off on AD maps
mp_restartgame 1 // restarts game in 1 second, change 1 to time waited before restart
sm plugins unload_all // unloads sourcemod plugins. they will reload on map change

If you have any questions about configuring and running a server for TWL, please post them in this thread. If you have an urgent question, you can always contact an admin on IRC at #twl_tf2. Also, if anyone notices something that isn't right, please let me know! Thanks!

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TeamWarfare Vet
09-04-2008 03:33 PM / profile

Just to throw my hat into the ring...

If you need help setting up a server for match play, or even how to set up a pub server using an admin mod, I'd be more than glad to assist you. You can reach me on Steam @ darkfoxx69.
TWL Member
09-05-2008 10:47 AM / profile

Darkfoxx is extremely helpful when helping with servers

Also, source TV demos were made mandatory a while ago...
TWL Member
09-05-2008 11:19 AM / profile

Originally posted by: Squeezetoy
Also, source TV demos were made mandatory a while ago...

SourceTV demos will no longer be mandatory. This should become official very soon.
TWL Member
11-03-2008 03:17 PM / profile

You could also just simply remember to rcon tv_stop at the end of the match.
TWL Member
12-22-2008 05:14 PM / profile

I m having trouble finding any rules on the following. Are the servers allowed to run admin mods, ie - sourcemm, or Beetles mod? Assuming they do not interfere with game play
TeamWarfare Vet
Retired Sr. Staff
12-23-2008 01:18 AM / profile

Originally posted by: SnakeDogIPA
I m having trouble finding any rules on the following. Are the servers allowed to run admin mods, ie - sourcemm, or Beetles mod? Assuming they do not interfere with game play

From the rules:

All server modifications must be disabled unless agreed upon by both teams in match communications. The CAL or any other competition league or ladder configs and/or mods are not allowed, and servers using these configs may be considered invalid. Should teams choose to ignore ANY of the said conditions, included but not limited to: the server config, and server quality or any other settings, said team(s) will have NO grounds for an invalid server, and/or other related disputes. TeamWarfare League does not support the use of or the abilities of other leagues' configs or mods.
TWL Member
12-23-2008 11:30 AM / profile

Thanks for the info
TWL Member
12-23-2008 11:20 PM / profile

This is the command to unload sourcemod plugins:

sm plugins unload_all

If you have sourcemod running then all plugins are automatically loaded whenever a new map is loaded (or at least our they are on our server), so you will need to unload them every time you change or reload a map.
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