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Tactical Carnage is one of the best and largest international gaming communities on the net! Community assets include a high quality website and forum, three voice servers, fifteen or so game servers and its very own radio station! We also support thirty-five games including First Person Shooters (FPS), Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Strategy/Sandbox across five different platforms.

Anyone involved in cheating, hacking or exploiting will be removed from the community immediately. We have a zero tolerance on racism or drama within the community. Tactical Carnage promotes a mature harassment free atmosphere for its members where everyone is respected and treated extremely well.

Our mission has and always will be to provide an excellent and stable gaming environment for members of the community to enjoy and benefit from. There is absolutely no reason you should come online to spend free time gaming and have to deal with problems or drama. Each day this community continues down its path of being a one of a kind community and getting closer to revolutionizing the gaming community scene by showing members like you that not all communities are the same.

Community Website:, or
Want some more information?

Contact one of the staff members below with any questions!

Staff Contact #1
Name: Chris (Founder, Community Administrator)
Contact Email:

Staff Contact #2
Name: Moorehead (Chief Liaison)
Contact Email:

Staff Contact #3
Name: Stark (Structure Liaison)
Contact Email:

Staff Contact #4
Name: WeedBandit (Expansion Liaison)
Contact Email:


Interested in Joining? Great! Register on our forums and head to "Application Center" and then "Membership" to post an application. The process takes no more than five minutes and we have one of the most appealing application processes a community can have which drastically decreases the time required for applications. Simply click "New Topic" and the application format is already waiting for you in the body area! Cool huh?

Interested in Leadership? Excellent! Currently we have a number of positions available that need to be filled. Head on over to for available positions within the community and information on applying.

Also looking for clan's to help, so if your looking for some support please contact WeedBandit (Information above)

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions definitely visit our website, forums.
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