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  1. [PRE-MATCH] Slayers Team vs Inglorious Army
  2. [PRE-MATCH] Warriors of Redemption vs FOX Polish Clan
  3. [PRE-MATCH] Unknow Team vs Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad
  4. [PRE-MATCH] Danish Dynamite vs Superieure Vlaamse Strijders
  5. [PRE-MATCH] Logical Strategic Terror Squad vs Polish Army Squad
  6. [PRE-MATCH] I 7 Nani vs Internet Gangsters
  7. [PRE-MATCH] Mordeczki Squad vs Team Sevn
  8. [PRE-MATCH] Not Only Internet Gangsters vs Virtual Insanity Clan
  9. [PRE-MATCH] Portuguese Rangers vs I Forgot How to Play
  10. [WEEK 1] Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs Unknow Team
  11. [WEEK 1] Warriors of Redemption vs Internet Gangsters
  12. [WEEK 1] Team Sevn vs I Forgot How to Play
  13. [WEEK 1] Virtual Insanity Clan vs Inglorious Army
  14. [WEEK 1] Polish Army Squad vs Logical Strategic Terror Squad
  15. [WEEK 1] Slayers Team vs Not Only Internet Gangsters
  16. [WEEK 1] Portuguese Rangers vs I 7 Nani
  17. [WEEK 1] Mordeczki Squad vs FOX Polish Clan
  18. [WEEK 1] Danish Dynamite vs Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad
  19. [WEEK 1] Seriously Team vs IX - Arditi Incursori
  20. [WEEK 2] Not Only Internet Gangsters vs Polish Army Squad
  21. [WEEK 2] Warriors of Redemption vs Hakkapeliitat Crushing Squad
  22. [WEEK 2] Portuguese Rangers vs Unknow Team
  23. [WEEK 2] I Forgot How to Play vs Virtual Insanity
  24. [WEEK 2] IX - Arditi Incursori vs Mordeczki Squad
  25. [WEEK 2] FOX Polish Clan vs Inglorious Army
  26. [WEEK 2] Superieure Vlaamse Strijders vs Team Sevn
  27. [WEEK 2] Seriously Team vs I 7 Nani
  28. [WEEK 2] Danish Dynamite vs Internet Gangsters
  29. [WEEK 2] Logical Strategic Terror Squad vs Slayers Team