View Full Version : Call of Duty 4 Ladder or Tournament?

04-26-2016, 26-04-16, 9:45 AM
Will you guys ever set something up for Cod4? I really miss this game, and have been getting back into it. Unsure if there's enough people in NA to host something worthwhile though,

04-29-2016, 29-04-16, 8:58 PM
wait and see if this is BS or not you may get your wish


05-02-2016, 02-05-16, 1:01 PM
The trailer out now shows CoD4 at the end of it, confirming a remaster of sorts. If ( IF! ) I can do CoD4 multiplayer without the shit rotating through all the new games I hate ( read: am very bad at), I'll get it.