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Mr Inevitability
01-27-2016, 02:19 PM
Yesterday, Electronic Arts and DICE announced the plans for the future of Star Wars Battlefront. Entitled, "Star Wars Battlefront - The Road Ahead," Senior Producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir (that's a mouthful) outlined the DLC and free content being released for the game in their latest blog:

Star Wars Battlefront - The Road Ahead

Tomorrow, we are adding more free content to the game for all Star Wars Battlefront players


Hello Star Wars Battlefront fans,

In the two months since we launched Star Wars™ Battlefront™, millions of you have been enjoying the authentic, immersive, and visually stunning Star Wars experience our team at DICE set out to deliver with Star Wars Battlefront.

As we said back in November, the release of Star Wars Battlefront was just the beginning. Our team has been listening to your feedback and building a calendar of new content and tuning changes we will be making to the game throughout 2016. All fans will get free* content that includes new maps for both multiplayer and Missions modes, the introduction of Private Matches, new Hero outfits, and more. Fans looking to get even more out of their Star Wars Battlefront experience can look forward to the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass*, which will introduce a wealth of fresh content set across exciting new locations including Bespin, the Death Star, and more.

We began our post-launch journey together last month with the Battle of Jakku DLC, adding two new maps and the new mode Turning Point. Tomorrow, we are adding more free content to the game for all Star Wars Battlefront players, including:

The Tatooine Survival map will now support the Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, and Heroes vs Villains multiplayer modes, and is called Raider Camp.
New Hoth-themed outfits for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, both of which will be available to all fans when they play as these two iconic characters on Hoth – these were unlocked by our players for completing our Heroes’ Holiday community mission last month.
We are giving players the ability to create Private Matches, which makes playing with friends even easier.
The introduction of Daily Challenges and Community Events. These are designed to rally the Community around certain goals and objectives, giving players the chance to earn credits and unlocks even faster. We'll have more news regarding Community Events and Daily Challenges in the days ahead.
And of course, we are also including some overall balancing tweaks to both weapons and multiplayer modes.

In February, we will continue to add more free content for all players, including a new Survival mission on Hoth, and a brand-new Hoth multiplayer map that will support our larger game modes including Walker Assault, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron and Turning Point. Speaking of Turning Point, we are also excited to make this popular mode available on all maps that currently support Walker Assault and Supremacy in the February update.

In March, we will be adding another exciting new multiplayer map on Endor that will support Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point, and an additional Tatooine Survival map.

In addition to the free content we will be delivering through March, we will continue to listen to our community throughout the year and provide updates designed to make Star Wars Battlefront even more fun for everyone.

Now, a lot of you have been asking for more details around Season Pass, and we want to give you some more information today. Season Pass is going to give you more of the content you love -- maps and modes, Heroes, weapons, and more. We are thrilled to share with you the names of each digital expansion pack, as well as some details on what players can expect with each one and when they will be available.

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Outer Rim (March 2016) - Fight among the factories of Sullust and battle within Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine
Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Bespin(Summer 2016) - It's hunt or be hunted in this action-packed experience set in the Cloud City of Bespin
Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Death Star (Fall 2016) – That’s no moon! One of the most iconic locations in the Star Wars universe makes its debut in Star Wars Battlefront.
Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Expansion Pack 4 – Title TBA (Early 2017) – We will have more details to share about this exciting new expansion pack in the coming months.

All this content is available as part of the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass, available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC. Each digital expansion pack will also be available separately. Head on over to our website (http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/season-pass) to learn more about all the exciting content you can expect.

At DICE, we're passionate about what we've created with Star Wars Battlefront, and are committed to supporting not only the game but all of our fans over the months ahead. We can’t wait to keep traveling through the galaxy far, far away, with all of you.

And as always, may the Force™ be with you!

Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir
Senior Producer
Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront has seen a 24 peak of 183,968 players online, making it a wildly popular title for EA. These content releases are sure to bring that number up above 200,000 as the franchise continues to grow. How many of you have the game and what are your impressions of it? Do you feel EA is supporting this game better or worse then they have the Battlefield series? Will you continue to support the game by purchasing the DLC's? I'm interested to know your thoughts.

01-27-2016, 03:07 PM
EA fell short with Battlefront in my opinion. The matchmaking is sometimes horrendous and not having private servers is bad for any game. The game is visually stunning and plays very good, but the matchmaking and "partner" aspect had taken too much team play out of it. Really disappointed with this game.

01-27-2016, 03:09 PM
I'm tentatively excited for them adding private matches. As much as I hate the game in large battles, I could so it being casually competitive in the 4v4 drop zone mode or the other small size modes.

I try to enjoy it, but until I see the nerf done to the bowcaster and explosive shot, there isn't a point to play.

01-27-2016, 03:22 PM
I totally missed the private matchmaking part. That's good news. It will be interesting to see how they implement it

01-27-2016, 05:32 PM
I ended up getting it for the PS4 instead of the pc. It's a game I'll sometimes play for 30 minutes or so to pass the time. It's fun but still feels somewhat shallow to me.

01-27-2016, 11:16 PM
I ended up getting it for the PS4 instead of the pc. It's a game I'll sometimes play for 30 minutes or so to pass the time. It's fun but still feels somewhat shallow to me.
Absolutely agree on being shallow. My tin foil hat hope is that, after a lot of rough releases, they decided to give us a solid base game first. Then, over time, add in everything that makes it a full game.