View Full Version : Let's give some old school Tribes games historical ladders, and the new ones as well

02-21-2016, 21-02-16, 3:07 AM
I want to see a ladder for every game that still has a competitive community, even if its only 1-4 hardcore teams. Just for history and nostalgia sake because Tribes was a major part of TWL.

And I want to see the current and future Tribes games like T:A and Midair also get ladders.

Tribes and TWL are tied together IMO.

02-21-2016, 21-02-16, 5:35 AM
Are there still teams out there playing T1 and T2?

Midair looks like it has some potential.

02-22-2016, 22-02-16, 2:50 PM
Yes, there are still people interested in long term competition in all Tribes games (even the 18 years old ones). It is very heated. Cash tourneys may be sponsored by HiRez for the historical Tribes games similar to what QuakeCon does with the original Quake games.

The numbers aren't large but for history and heritage, the ladders should be kept on TWL IMO. Even if only for symbolism or monthly officiated matches/tourneys of the hardcore Allstar legend type players that still frequent T1 to stay in top gaming shape. Pending budget I may personally do a 1k Tribes 1 tourney as midair's hype grows.

Current competitive pickup server statistics in Tribes 1 can be found on www.reddit.com/r/tribes1

Even with Midair or a potential Tribes Ascend 2, people will still crave the nostalgia trip of their favorite competitive game and want to at least have a competitive ladder that is more robust than challonge.com available for their competition and practice seasons (which get increibly active pending collective scheduling).

In brief. Yes there are still many teams and groups of friends that crave ladder action in all the historical Tribes games and TWL definitely should be the place for it. This will continue after Midair and T:A 2 are released so TWL might as well be inclusive and include historical laddering options umbrella'd in with the other more recent Tribes titles.

I would also like to run a Reflex FPS ladder as well.

05-06-2016, 06-05-16, 6:52 PM
I second this post

07-24-2016, 24-07-16, 12:23 PM
Well the beauty of midair, michelob, is that its so easy to transfer from t1 arena or ctf to midair that we can probably run BOTH :D - even if the historical ones are just for nostalgia or a few ppl NP

09-14-2016, 14-09-16, 5:50 PM
To each his own Dare

I just want Tribes 1 ladders.

09-24-2016, 24-09-16, 1:23 AM
they don't have the ladder script up yet d00d.

i want to get a midair, LT, arena, team rabbit, and various other ladders going too

id like to handle all the tribes retared admin stuff in fact

that includes running t1 and t2 ladders

really just waiting on twl to get the ball rolling i'd like to offer some cash prizes and some news articles as well when the ladder goes live