Some of our friends, and long time TWL members, are putting on a 3v3 DOOM tournament this weekend on Saturday, October 8th.


3v3 PC Tournament Announcement
Hosted by DOOM Party Finder

Date: Saturday, October 8
Time: TBD – Please vote on a start time

Match Settings: Team Deathmatch Private Matches, Double Elimination, teams of 3. Score limit 75. Time limit 10 minutes. Power ups, power weapons, hack modules, and demon disabled. Map choice is determined by round and displayed on the bracket.

Tournament Format: Publicly viewable bracket + roster (SEE BELOW). Initial matchups are determined by random draw. Matches should start every 20 minutes or less depending on team readiness. Absence of more than 15 minutes without explanation will result in a forfeit. Upon match conclusion, team leaders screenshot the scores and submit it to a mod. Losers are initially placed into the 1-loss side; upon second loss, losing teams are out of the tournament. Team leaders turn final scoreboard screenshot into tournament director. If you are able and comfortable with streaming or recording, please do. Posting of live match streams in the discord is encouraged.

Prizes: Payout of bragging rights to top team.

Reporting and Disputes: Protect yourself and your team by screenshotting your scores. Please do not post cheating accusations publicly; direct message tournament directors only. If allegations of cheating arise, you may be asked to stream or record.

To Enter: Contact Veiran, d3dscr33n, Sm4cky, Brannigan, Purple, or BPSkibbenheims with team name and roster

DOOM Party Finder Discord:

Steam Profile Links
Sm4cky -
D3dscr33n -
Veiran -
Purplicious -
Bpskib -
Brannigan’s Law -

Roster / Bracket full link:
If you have the game, then we encourage you to join them!