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Thread: TWL VAC BAN Policy

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    Post TWL VAC BAN Policy

    The information below is TeamWarfare League’s policy on VAC bans listed on a players STEAM account and how it affects League accounts.

    What is VAC?

    Valve Anti-Cheat

    Information about Valve Anti-Cheat can be found by clicking [HERE].

    Player(s) with a current STEAM account that has a VAC BAN or have a linked STEAM account with a VAC BAN (less than 1 year old regardless of the game) are not allowed to compete at TeamWarfare.


    The above message is essentially a warning if you wish to join any competition at TeamWarfare. If a player is found to be non-compliant, then the following will occur:

    • When a banned Steam Community ID (or Steam ID) is found to match an ID used on a TeamWarfare account, the player will be suspended for a period of 1 year from all games TeamWarfare League supports.

    • The suspension goes into effect from the time the ban was discovered by TWL administration and not the date the VAC ban was first received.

    • If player is on a team at the time the ban was discovered, they will be removed from that team. If that player is the owner/creator of said team, then that team is subject to be removed from competition as well.

    • After the 1 year suspension has been served, the player may again play at TeamWarfare League for all games with a new Steam account. If you receive a VAC Ban on the new account, this will be your 2nd offense and you will be permanently banned from TeamWarfare.

    • *NOTE:*
      A player that is found to be playing official matches on his/her old (banned) account, whether it was found by a player or Admin, will face disciplinary actions.


    • At any time, a player found to have multiple VAC banned Steam IDs will be classified as a habitual offender and a permanent ban will be issued from TeamWarfare.

    STEAM Account Hijacked

    • Assuming a player’s Steam Account is hijacked, the player may appeal the ban directly to Steam. If evidence from Steam Support can be provided to us that the ban occured during the period it was hijacked, the AC team will verify that evidence and if verified, the 1 year suspension may be lifted. However, if Steam has not removed the ban(s) on record on that particular account, the player in question must create a new Steam account and enter a new ID to be able to play at TeamWarfare.

    • *NOTE:* You may be asked to download and install a remote desktop viewer program to verify a hijacked Steam account. Teamviewer will be used for this.

    *** Suspensions as a result of a VAC ban will keep you from playing all games supported by TeamWarfare. ***

    TeamWarfare League reserves the right to change this information and policy without notice.
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