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Thread: America's Army: Proving Grounds Season 2 League Open!

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    America's Army: Proving Grounds Season 2 League Open!

    Welcome to Season 2 of TWL's America's Army: Proving Grounds League!

    Sign-Ups are currently open and will close on April 28th.

    Click here for instructions on how to register/sign-up.

    Season 1 included 18 teams who played a 9-week season. The top six teams from that season will compete against each other in our inaugural "invite" league whereas the rest will start out in the "open" league.

    Due to increased demand, we will also separate the open league into NA and EU to accommodate both regions.

    You are invited to join us in Discord here
    You can find the rules, schedule, etc. in our AA:PG League Forums, located here

    Good Luck!
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