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    Linux Advice

    Hey all, I'll preface this by saying I'm quite the noob when it comes to these affairs...but I'm curious if anyone who uses Linux has any advice or tips for me. I'm considering making the switch from Windows to Ubuntu (or other Linux distro). I'm planning on doing a "dual boot" while i find out if Linux works for me before I get rid of Windows, but I'm worried about not being able to use certain things such as Steam and Photoshop. I did read that some games on Steam are not compatible, so if anyone has real world experience with these issues it would be much appreciated. Also, super noob question, if I'm able to use Steam will I still have access to the same game servers as everyone else?

    Linux seems appealing, however I do not want to lose a lot by making the switch. Any help is appreciated, and apologies to the techies out there cringing at the question.

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    Run it as duel boot for awhile to learn linux and to make sure you can get all your drivers properly installed. You may find that you want to keep Windows around so you can play certain games as not all games are linux compatible. But I wouldn't rush to get rid of Windows until your comfortable administering your linux install.

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