Hi there fellow tribers (or ex-tribers),

I'm Colonel Blair from the Australian tribes community, and for those who are unaware I managed to convince one of the old TWL admins to give me access to the FTP of game recordings they had before it was all wiped.

It's all now sitting hosted here, however mostly unsorted, I'll get to it at some point:

In the meantime I've been looking at collecting as many old Tribes 2 World Championship demos as possible and converting them to Youtube at 4K 60FPS quality.

See here:

Currently featured:
7UP (Israel / Denmark)
USA West
USA Central
CELT (Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Channel Islands)
New Zealand

Some more hopefully coming soon...

Would you happen to have any more demos or be in contact with any of the players who might have some?
Anything you could find would be appreciated. If it helps the tournament was in early 2002 (so pre-classic mod).

I'm putting together a bit of a Tribes 2 history and this was a pretty significant part of it, even if it was a complete mess in the end.

Any stories that came out of it from your team would also be great & may form part of what I put together.

Thanks very much for your time regardless of whether you can help.

Colonel Blair (Team Australia)

PS For the unaware you require an old version of the Tribes2.exe to view the old recordings - there are ways to set this up yourself or otherwise if you're sure you have old T2WC recordings, send them to me and I'll get them converted asap.