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Thread: gAIMer Magazine n1, by TWL

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    gAIMer Magazine n1, by TWL

    gAIMers Magazine

    Welcome to the AIM games, welcome to gAIMers Magazine!

    In this first number of our new TWL Magazine, dedicated to First Personnel Shooter games, we will explore the backstage of the Teamwarfare AAPG League Series, with an awesome interview to the mastermind of this brand new competition.
    We will also pass in review, some last week matches and we will finalize this number with a week 3 matches predictions.

    Welcome to the AIM games, welcome to gAIMers Magazine!

    Are YOU ready to fight?

    RedBeard (RB) - I am RedBeard, one of the Teamwarfare Senior Admins, and in this number we will be interviewing Spetnaz, that is the brain behind this America's Army: Proving Grounds League Series, but also one of the TWL AAPG Game Admins and the Leader of Portuguese Rangers, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, America's Army active clan in all Europe?

    So Spet, tell us a little about you.

    Spet (SPT) - Hello Red. First of all, thanks for your kind words and for the opportunity to talk a bit about this project. My real name is Ricardo Vieira, and I am 35 years old and I am Portuguese. I am married and I have a daughter. Professionally I am a Soldier in the Portuguese Army, so its easy to understand were I acquire some of the taste for this game.

    RB - How long do you play this game and in which clans have you pass during you gaming "life"?

    SPT - Well i start to play America's Army in version 1.7 if I am not mistaken, in 2003. I am more sure about the year than the version. I started after seen a friend of mine playing it, he was kind of a legend in the Portuguese scene then (NIGHTMARE from PTwars), and i gave it a try. My first clan was Criminals in Action, [CiA][PT], and after that i founded my actual clan, the Portuguese Rangers, PTrangers, in late 2004, and played there until now.

    RB - And your taste for the competitive scene and competitive communities as staff?

    SPT - The taste for the competitive scene start right on the beginning, since CiA was already a competitive clan when i joined them. But i just started to be part of the competitive community staffs in late 2007. I was for the first time Admin in CAL, one of the most well known and respected competitive community back then. When they close, I never lost the will to help, so after a wile i was launching national competitions in the Portuguese AA Community and in the major Portuguese LAN event. Between that, also developed in some minor community, several tournaments, until I joined the "old" TWL in 2013.

    RB - And how did this idea of League start?

    SPT - Well, after TWL crash, ESL start loosing the interest since their ladder doesn't incentivize new teams, and the leagues/tournaments maintained always the same format, with everyone together, experienced teams and new teams. When Son started his League divided in divisions according to the teams experience, I saw that the teams were more attracted to Leagues then the other kind of competitions, much more alike with what we use to do in the past when TWL used to have 3 divisions. I started to work with Son on that, but due to a different schedule, and due to the rebirth of TWL, I moved to TWL and got the lucky to have recieved your support for it.

    RB - Since the first season is already part of the past, how do you evaluate how it went?

    SPT - Well, honestly I was a bit surprised to have that many teams in the first season. I believe in this format, but i always thought that the team would come when they start hearing that the competitions was a success. The fact that we had so many teams playing the first season was very good not only because of the size, but more than that, because we saw that the system works at this scale. I was also positively surprise to see some teams joining, that aren't use to compete, and that even with some tough scores, they resist untill the end and in this new season they are much stronger than before. So in the end, i evaluate it as a major success, specially in a game that don't have that much teams and players.

    RB - And now. What can the teams and the players expect?

    SPT - Well, since we want this to walk in solid ground, we are trying to build the project with a solid structure, divided in phases with concrete objective. After the validation of the system in the last season, we need now to have enough Admins, that run their share part of the project but with the capacity of temporarily hold the project by them selves in a teamwork system. This capability is almost achieved, just the NA Game Admin missing, and will allow us to last in time. However, to maintain this competition attractive, we need to develop it, with the focus of bring money to it. Between now and the money, of course that there are lots of things to do that we still didn't develop, but we are working on it. Streams will allow us to advertise, and magazines aswell, but we still need to do more.

    RB - And regarding other types of competitions, are they being develop aswell?

    SPT - We have others competitions being developed as we speek, but it will always depends on the staff. A league is very demanding in what time says respect, so before we step into a new format, we want to make sure that the staff is comfortable with the league format, that we can't forget that has 3 planned seasons a year, and that they still have time for more. Anyway, we are still open to hire new admins, what will for sure speed up that possibility.

    RB - And with that we say goodbye to our guest, wishing the best for the League, and hopping to hear good news from it again. Thanks for your time. RedBeard out.

    by RedBeard, TWL Senior Admin

    Season 2 League Report!

    European Invite League

    iG started the match a with few last moment decision that didn't allow them to start the match as concentrated as they wanted, and therefor they slipped a bit in the beginning of the match. However, and despite a few other minor mistakes, their experience lead them to win most of the 1vs1 battles, giving them the numbers for a comfortable win.

    by Leketiskis, Internet Gangsters player

    iForgot won the match by forfeit due to a no show from SeVn

    by Spet, TWL Game Admin

    European Open League

    VI started the match against n1 on defense with a pretty solid strategy. However, after a few rounds they start loosing control over 2nd floor, due to strong push there by n1, that lead VI to some terrible bad judgment calls, leading them to loose too many defensive rounds. The solution found was to shift some positions, what stabilize their defense for a better ending. On assault VI adopted a more calculated strategy, trying to spot a weak spot to breach through, what lead them to the west. Using that in their advantage, VI made n1 to shift positions, opening space to explore in a better way the other locations. However, and despite the effort their bad defense penalize the match and in the end n1 won by 9-7. The game was a lot of fun and I give n1 alot of credit for playing really good. Hopefully
    we will get a rematch.

    by ImaMenace, Virtual Insanity player

    Lack of training and scrims was the main reason for the FOX defeat on Inner Hospital with Mordeczki Squad, which were very well tactically prepared for the clash. FOX attack fell on the whole line, so they won only one round. Adding to that, FOX defense looked like Swiss cheese, being only able to hold 4 rounds in all defense side. Due to this lesson learned, FOX want to make the most out of it and be better prepare for Crossfire in week 3.

    by Pitpav, FOX Polish Clan player

    SRSLY´s started with 4 vs 5 player due to lack of available player. Worst than that, one of their player´s PC crashed in one of the rounds allowing them only to momentarily play 3 vs 5. But never the less, the match was very demanding due to the well prepared wR. The first part of the match was dominated by wR but SRSLY took their chance in the second half and won the game. We are looking forward to our new opponents and wish all teams and players a good season.

    by Ly, Seriously Team player

    Do you want your team to appear in the new helping us out with teams matches report? Send us your opinions to

    Do you wanna BET?

    pR vs CSP - No prediction;
    SeVn vs KSS - From my experience and looking how they played against us in the previous season, I expect KSS to win, score 10-6 to KSS;
    IM vs FOX - Since Immortal is a fairly new team and doesn't have much competitive experience, my bet goes to FOX. 11-5;
    wR vs pR - Warriors have some experience and they have been scrimming from what I can tell, expecting a balanced game, since my clanmates have been training alot too;
    PAS vs eGc - I don't know how Estonian Gaming Club plays, but I expect PAS to win with a fair advantage due to their experience. 11-5;
    Hc vs iG - Never played against those teams, but since I know most of them from pub games and looking at both roosters I expect a balanced game. Can go either way;
    XL vs nG - Both teams are on similar level what it comes to team play. I'll go with 9-7 for the Inglorious though, since they're mostly Portuguese;
    VI vs Sla - Well I think this one is in big favor for the team that has tons of experience (VI). However Slayers are showing that even with lack of competitive experience they can pull some good scores. 12-4 for VI;
    NaC vs SRS - Well I think NaC doesn't have much experience in Crossfire and since Seriously have many good players with competition experience, I'll go with 10-6 for them;
    N1 vs Mor - Even though Mordeczki have been showing they're are growing, it is hard to beat N1. N1 should take the win by 12-4.

    by Arkeiro, Portuguese Rangers player

    Do you want to help us with predictions? Send us your opinions to

    gAIMers Magazine © Teamwarfare 2017
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    This is -[iG]-Leketiskis, I agree with most of predictions, however there is some difference from my perspective. So first of all let’s start with the map, witch this week is BDX_Crossfire_DE. This map is well known for all the spam nades available, that in my opinion makes make all the teams with experience have a huge advantage, much bigger then on many other maps.

    So let’s start with the Open League matches:
    Hungarian Community Hc| vs. Internet Gangsters B -[iG]- :
    Both teams having their debut season in TWL, and both teams started with two losses against more experienced clans. One of the teams have to get their first week, and I think it will be a good even match between them, score should be very tight, something like 9-7, hoping in favor of my beloved teammates (sorry can’t predict against them) .

    Polish Army Squad {P-A-S} vs. Estonian Gaming Club [eGc] :
    This specific match is quite hard for me to guess, but I believe it once again might be a tight match, however Estonian clan having their debut season, seem to have problems with arranging people for the matches + as I mentioned having experience in competitive gaming, spam nades is huge advantage on this map, so I believe Polish clan might take this one home with score around 10-6. However I know few Estonian players who might bring a surprise and turn the table around.

    Decima Legione Clan -{XL}- vs. InGLORIOUS Army ][nG. :
    After first 2 matches the upcoming matches have only teams with a taste of WIN. From my experience Italian clan Decima Legione should win this one, once again because of more experience and because having few quite strong players, however after staying in the bottom of the table previous season this season InGLORIOUS Army look much stronger, both, because of improved team and gained experience. Predicting this to be good fight between two players CrazyHyena and Trucha10 who about quite good on this map as I remember.

    Warriors of Redemption wR. vs. Portuguese Rangers pR. :
    If this would have happened at the start of the season I would have guessed that the win should go to Portuguese clan second team, however after two weeks seems like without main players they having quite hard time in the competition and Italian clan wR. Is mysterious to me still, some matches they play extremely well, on some they just play bad. However if they bring their main team, they should get a win against pR and quite a strong, 11-5 maybe. One of the hopes I see for Portuguese is getting trained by their main team, and learning some good nades and tactics during this week before match.

    Immortals IM* vs FOX Polish Clan |FOX| :
    Immortals are one of the Debuts with scramble of very different but strong players that probably a planning to go to one of top spots in the league this season. They lost their first match to very similar caliber team “Seriously”, but they weren’t playing with their main roster. On match communications they showing some bad behavior, but apart that they are the ones that in my opinion will take the match 12-4. However FOX is clan that at start of season was thinking about not joining competition because they had problems with getting players, how they started with win and one loss, I wish them all best luck on this one.

    Virtual Insanity -VI- vs. SLaYeR’s :
    I have very little experience playing against SLaYeR’s however the opponent they facing is VI, multiple tournaments champions, who is playing in this Open League and not Invite league just because of their inactivity and little bit of Ego last season. With all respect to SLaYeR’s who are also debuting in this rebirth TWL, they have the very worst enemy, on the most unforgivable map when experience is so different. However, the good hearts of VI ussualy tend to not play serious when the winner is known, an they ussualy let few rounds slip. So the score should be 12-4 in favor of VI.

    Not a Clan ]NaC[ vs. Seriously Team SRSLY. :
    NaC is the highest ranked debuts of this season, they started with two wins. Destructional win against Hc| and tight win against SLaYeR’s. However they have very tight rooster, with only 1 extra player in case of other absence, so each match is a very close no-show for them, I would definitely recommend getting few more. Apart that, they are very good, smart playing team since the players they have in team are mostly all real life friends. Sadly they are facing clan Seriously who after previous season of rarely getting enough players for matches got reinforced with multiple other players and this team is definitely looking more serious. And as far as I know NaC guys don’t like this map. I wish them all best luck, but I think this is the time when NaC will get their first loss in TWL. Predicted score 11-5 in favor of Seriously.

    Team n1] vs. Mordeczki Squad -.^ :
    The match between German and Polish clan. Same and -VI- in their match, n1. Is obvious favorites of this match, especially after last week’s match of the Week win against VI. However Mordeczki is sitting in the top after first two weeks not without a reason. So far they have won against unprepared second pR team and other Polish clan |FOX| in an easy way. After previous season they have upgraded their squad with players who decided to join to late after registration was closed and they looking forward to stay around the top this season. The n1. clan on the other hand decided to keep same rooster with just 2 extra players, if they manage to keep them active they might go for the 1st spot this season. The prediction of this match: 11-5 in favor of n1.

    And now the Invite League each week having only two matches:

    Portuguese Rangers pR. vs Czuczuken Squad Poland :
    This match obvious leaders is supposed to be pR. however this team for this season same as -[iG]- decided to make two teams for both Leagues, and they paid the price. Two of team leaders Wanksta and Tuga could not show for the match and they got a loss. However that kind of thing might be good lesson for the Champions, and even though they might get a win with their backup roster, having main team from now on is essential if they wish to regain the top spot in the group. ^CSP^ got into invite league after 6th team (]H[-Hakkapeliitat) of season 1 resigned from playing in this season 2 because the lack of time. From what I see online they still spend way more time on FLO maps then BDX, and that might get them a devastating loss in their second match again. However world if full of surprises, best luck CSP. Prediction: 13-3 in favor of pR.

    Team SeVn SeVn. vs. Klan Sami Swoi [KSS] :
    This is the fight for the survival in B groups. The obvious leader in that group is iForgot clan, that is clan created mostly on core of SSK players who is was winners of multiple tournaments before and ended up second giving the lead only to pR clan. The remaining two teams will fight this week, SeVn and KSS, the winner of this match will get step closer to reaching semifinals, the loser of the match will be placed of the edge of falling out of Invite league. [KSS] is strong clan, but the leader of this match I would call SeVn. they have much more experience on competitive matches. The problem they have is activity, they forfeit loss their previous match, even though it got them better score then [KSS] who lost to iForgot 16-0 (technical loss is 0-4). So since first match of Open league is clear in my opinion this one might give some surprises. The predicted winner in my opinion is Sevn, score: 10-6.

    So that it for my predictions, I hope you guys enjoyed, please give your thoughts, and your own opinions about match outcomes. Keep in mind this is my own opinion, I tried to be as impartial as possible since I’m also competing in the competition.

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    Lets see who gets closer

    Thanks Leke, next time I will add it to the Magazine

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