Do you have an idea? Let us help you make it a reality.

If you have an idea that you'd like to use the TWL site and name to run then contact us (see bottom of this post) and we'll work with you to determine if it's a good fit.

If it does fit our mission and values, then we'll help you run with it. It can be a competition, community event, a blog, or just about anything that benefits the TWL community. We have always relied on volunteers and their ideas to form the foundation of this vibrant community and we are continuing that tradition.


Q: How much latitude will I be given?
A: A lot. As long as your project/idea sticks to our community-first principles and mission then you'll be given a lot of room to experiment.

Q: I have software/a mod/a script I've been wanting to try somewhere, can I use TWL?
A: Probably. If we can find a way to implement it on the site then we'll give it a go.

Q: Can I start my writing career here?
A: Yes. The system we're currently using, vBulletin, has a lot of options and mods available. Right now we are only using the forum portion, but it would be very easy to incorporate the native article/blog system if needed.

Q: I found a vBulletin mod that allows X - can you all install it to help me with my project?
A: Probably. As long as it doesn't break the site, then yes, we will install it.

Q: What help can you all offer?
A: Most of our staff have over a decade of experience running online events, competitions, etc. and we are willing to help you out with just about anything you need.

Q: Is there funding available for my project?
A: Probably not. But, I won't outright say "no" because we do have some funds and may be able to help you find a sponsor or donations.

Q: Can I run a premium (pay-to-enter) event?
A: Not right now. We are only interested in projects that will be free for our community.

If you aren't sure if your project would fit in with TWL, then please reach out and we'll discuss it. We're open to a lot of ideas right now and our number one priority is using the TWL platform to promote our community while we work on some bigger things in the background.

You may use any of these options to contact us:
Staff Application
Discord Channel
Send me a PM