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Thread: AAPG Season 2 Invite League Final - iForgot vs pR - 02JUL 22h00 CEST

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    AAPG Season 2 Invite League Final - iForgot vs pR - 02JUL 22h00 CEST

    TWL Season 2 Invite League Final

    We have reached the very end of the Team Warfare League season 2!
    The invite league final is coming up and it is between team I forgot how to play and team Portuguese Rangers.
    They fight on Sunday the 2nd of July at 4 PM EST / 10 PM CEST.
    Watch this highly anticipated match-up live on AAPGcast. These two teams are incredible and will without a doubt deliver a wonderful series. I am very excited and looking forward to both casting and watching them play.
    If you can not make the cast you can always see it back on YouTube.
    Team Internet Gangsters and team SeVn fight for third place, if it is possible to cast their game I will but it comes down to when they start.

    It has already been 9 weeks full of action and suspense, great job by all 22 teams that have competed.

    Invite league standings

    Open league standings

    C.C.B. Lit
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