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Thread: How to avoid warnings/penalties

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    How to avoid warnings/penalties


    I noticed some issues with several players when signing into the teams.
    Please make sure the following is done correctly to save yourself and your team-capitains some troubles.

    - Make sure yout SCID and MOSS ID's are added to your profile
    > If you did changes to your machine it's possible that your MOSS ID's changed; In that case please ask scratch here to update your profile.

    - Make sure your ingame name is accurate (it's your responsability to update the ingame name it you change it while the tournement is ongoing)
    > Commonly people assume the name its the steam name! That is not correct... Please make sure your name match your AAPG name. You can easily check that by either logging into your AAPG account or by checking your AAPG stats page
    wrong -
    correct -|incha

    - Another mistake I found is to enlish your team mates. This is not allowed. Each player must enlist himself/herself to the team.

    Thanks for your cooperation! And good luck on your pre-match game
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    Now, how to avoid warnings on each match?

    - Ensure you run MOSS when you are playing the match:
    > (If you haven't downloaded yet) Download MOSS here or here for X64
    > Start MOSS
    > On MOSS menu select: File -> Parameters
    > Select "America's Army: PG"
    > Save (click OK)
    > On MOSS menu select: Capture -> Start
    > Open AAPG and play the match
    > Close AAPG
    > On MOSS menu select: Capture -> Stop
    >> At the end you'll see a zip file on a folder named MOSS. Do not delete or change that file as you may be asked to provide it to TWL's Anti Cheat devesion to verify it. Note that on monday one player of each team will be selected for MOSS check and the selected players have 48 hours to send it to AC.
    >> This steps aim to cover the rules (please read section 9).

    - If you are Team Capitain of the home team ensure the screenshot of the PING is taken and pubslished on the match comms thread.
    > Note: your responsability is not only to take an SS. You also must check the Pings are within margins! How to do it?
    Team A Team B
    Plyer 1: 40 ping Plyer 1: 19 ping
    Plyer 2: 50 ping Plyer 2: 20 ping
    Plyer 3: 50 ping Plyer 3: 50 ping
    Plyer 4: 50 ping Plyer 4: 50 ping
    Plyer 5: 200 ping Plyer 5: 60 ping
    So how do we check if the ping is correct?
    Remove the highest and lowest ping from the team. Add the remaining 3 and devide by 3. Compare both teams and it has to be lower or equal to 30 ms.
    In this case...
    Team A: (50 + 50 + 50) / 3 = 50
    Team B: (20 + 50 + 50) / 3 = 40
    The difference between the averages is 14; This server is OK!

    >> This aims to respect PING rules which you can read on section 6 (namely 6.5.5 and 6.6.*).
    >> Note: If both teams servers do not comply with the ping rules, the server with the lowest average ping difference between the teams will be used.

    - If you are a Team Capitain of the loosing team ensure the screen shots of the results are submitted on match comms thread within hour after the game finishes.
    - If you are a Team Capitain of the winning team you have to confirm the result. If the loosing team do not provide the SS please submit it yourself in order to avoid penalties for your team. If the loosing team reports the result (screenshot) and you agree with the result you only have to state you confirm the result.
    >> This is to comply with the rules (section 6.8.*)

    Notes for both Team Capitains:
    Anything that goes outside of the normal must be documented. Linke playing with a ringer (see bellow) or changing server due to pings (see above) ...

    RINGER: The team that wants to play with a ringer must request upfront. You can do it on the match comms or on the server and you can only play with the ringer if the other team accepts it. This must be documented and visible. If you do it on the server please take a screenshot and place it on the match comms thread.
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