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I guess I never did an introduction.

I've been a member of TWL since Tribes 2, but admittedly wasn't nearly as involved in that community as most of TWL. I became an admin on the site in 2005 and have continued to volunteer on here in some capacity since then.

I started online gaming in the mid-late 90s with Ultima Online, Gamestorm (Legends of Kesmai, BattleTech: Solairs, and a few others), Age of Empires, Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far, Starcraft, and R6: Rogue Spear (for those of you who remember the MSN Gaming Zone).

In the 2000s I've spent most of my time in the Tribes, Battlefield, SWAT, Red Orchestra, and Americas Army series.

Right now I'm mostly playing Overwatch and a few other RTS games.
You are coming old