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Thread: TWL Frequently Asked Questions

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    TWL Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you will find answers to general questions about TeamWarfare.

    Q: What is TWL?
    A: TWL is a website focused on offering a wide range of services for the online gaming community. Among these services are competitions (leagues, ladders, and tournaments), news/reviews, events, and forums for discussion.

    Q: How long has TWL been around?
    A: TWL was founded in 2001 as a competition website for "Starsiege: Tribes" but quickly branched out into other games. At its peak of activity, the TWL website had over 100,000 registered teams (almost 1,000,000 users) competing on numerous ladders and leagues across a variety of games and platforms.

    Q: Who's running TWL now?
    A: In November 2015, one of the long-time (and original) owners, Triston, gave a few former admins the chance to try and rebuild the site and organization. You can see the list of current admins here.

    Q: Will TWL cost money?
    A: No. Some members have suggested running pay-to-enter competitions in order to increase the prize pool, and while we may pursue that idea for single events, most (if not all) of the products and services we offer will be free.

    Q: What are your plans for the future?
    A: We have a few ideas. One of those is to offer the same competitions we used to offer on the old website. However, online gaming has changed and we plan to change with it. If you have an idea then share it! Or better yet, volunteer to become a member of the TWL team and implement the idea yourself.

    Q: How do I become part of the TWL Staff?
    A: Fill out an application and then a Senior Staff member will contact you. Please use this link to fill out an application.

    Q: Are TWL Staff members paid?
    A: No. So be polite to them.

    Q: How do I become a sponsor/partner of TWL?
    A: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or running an event with us then please contact an administrator.

    Q: What happened to the old website?
    A: There was a database failure and all of the information prior to the current site (November, 2015) was lost (there are no existing backups). You may be able to find what you're looking for using this site:

    Q: Does TWL have its own Anti-Cheat software? I remember they had CDC for America's Army at one time.
    A: No. Right now we do not have our own AC program. However, we are looking in to (and testing) several 3rd party solutions.

    Q: I noticed something seems off about [insert issue] on the website, whats up with that?
    A: The website is under construction and we are nowhere near the final product. If you see something that seems "off" then bring it up to our website development team and they will address it or put it on the list of things to fix. We decided that it would be better to open up some forums while we continue to work towards a longer term solution on the backend.

    If the answer to your question isn't here, then please feel free to contact an administrator.

    Updated April 16th, 2017.
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