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Thread: MOSS and TeamWarfare

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    MOSS and TeamWarfare

    TeamWarfare has been testing MOSS across various games and OS platforms, and we feel comfortable implementing this in any form of upcoming competition we plan to offer.

    We are making this announcement now, to give players every opportunity to test the MOSS platform.

    We don't offer a download link here, you must visit the official MOSS website for the latest version.

    We request any support questions be directed to us on these forums. Although the Developer Nohope92 has his own forums, he does not have the staff to monitor community FAQ on a daily basis.

    The TeamWarfare Staff have been testing MOSS, and should be able to answer as many questions as possible.

    Please familiarize yourself with everything it does and thoroughly test it.

    Please NOTE:
    We will be posting a more formal rule-set in regards to the use of MOSS for competition here at TeamWarfare in the near future.
    Just consider this announcement as an opportunity to test MOSS out before we go live across the board with it.
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