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Thread: How Do I use MOSS?

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    How Do I use MOSS?

    Here is a video example of how to use MOSS. The game of choice is America's Army: Proving Grounds.

    MOSS "HOW TO" Video


    Here are a few more detailed steps to using MOSS:

    • Once you have downloaded the MOSS client, move it to your desktop. Then it's suggested you "Run as Administrator".

    • Then choose Parameters (Selecting your Game):

      ***NOTE***: If your game is not listed, use the "Generic Game-Browser Game or Flash Game selection.

    • Next you will start the Capture process:

    • After you Match, you will stop the Capture process:

    • Once the Capture ends, all the information will be embedded in a final secured ZIP file:

    • MOSS will create a folder on your desktop, where the created zip files will be located:

    • You can extract the contents of the zip file for viewing:

    • This STEP is how find your MOSS UUID 1 and UUID 2.
    • You will need to add these to your profile. This will soon be mandatory as long as TeamWarfare uses MOSS for competition.
    • Locate and open the "LOG File" and here is where you find the 2 MOSS UUID's that are unique to you only:

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