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Thread: What is MOSS ?

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    What is MOSS ?

    MOnitor System Status (MOSS) software is a client side monitoring system.

    MOSS was created in 2010 by Nohope92 to help free games development in ESL.

    All of this info and the download link can be found [HERE]
    __________________________________________________ __________________

    MOSS’s features include:
    – Automatic random screenshots (this includes user DESKTOP)
    – Unique PC identifier based on Hardware information
    – Capture game’s key files
    – Real time Processor Speed versus BIOS setup and box nominal speed
    – Game Exe SHA signature and start time
    – Ingame screenshot stored when PrtnScrn is pressed
    – Keyboard and mouse Macros uses detected and reported including Keys, timing and uses count
    – The Processes names, path and SHA listing at game start

    All this information is embedded in a final secured ZIP file, provided by player as a fair play evidence.

    This zip can be read by anyone, thus opponents or game admins can check :

    – ZIP integrity (using integrated Moss checker)
    – An activity log of actions made during the game
    – all screenshots captured (get cdisplayex free tool to directly view the zip images)

    MOSS supports the following games:
    – Call of Duty serie (Cod 4, MW2, MW3, BO , BO II , BO 3), Battelfield serie (2, 4) , Warrock, Crossfire, Pointblank, CombatArms, Counter Strike 2D, Ghost Recon, Skill Special Force, Soldier Front, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Blackshot, Warface, America’s Army Proving Ground, Phyrok, Enemy Territory, F.E.A.R., Vietcong, Phantomers, Nosgoth, Metro Conflict, Rainbow Six, Sof, Insurgency
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