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    Forum Enhancement

    We have given our community a new feature to the site! TeamWarfare League has installed Advanced User Tagging on our site!!

    To use, do the following:

    @goddesswolfie (@ goddesswolfie ; is what it will look like only no spaces)

    Here is what it does:

    Major Features
    Twitter-style @ "Mentions": Typing @username produces a "Mention" that will alert the user to your post, as well as link to their profile.

    Quote Alerts: Members you quote will be alerted, ensuring that discussions can continue smoothly even if they left the thread.

    Profile Integration: Displays Mentions, Tags and Quotes in profile tabs for quick overview of a member's activities within the mod.

    Complete Feature List


    • Email alerts for all features
    • Globally disable emails for any of the features

    General Features:
    • Ability to disable Thread Tag list entirely for guests
    • Globally disable any of the features

    • Statistics Page: Top X Thread Tagged, Top X Mentioned (Lite locked to Top 5)
    • "Mention" alerts: Type @username to mention someone, and link to their profile. Email & forum notification
    • Quote alerts: Email & forum notification
    • Tag a user in a thread to alert them to the thread via a box above threads
    • View list of tagged users above threads, with link to see all tags
    • Profile Tabs: Lists both incoming and outgoing mentions, quotes and thread tags
    • Shoutbox Integration: New Shoutbox Tab to list incoming mentions & tags
    • Control how many users to display in inline tag list
    • Turn statistics page on & off
    • Control BBCode for mentioned usernames (Underline only)
    • Control [DBTech] vBShout integration
    • Turn features on & off per category
    • Globally disable email alerts
    • Ability to set maximum mentions per post (default: unlimited)

    We will add more as we can! Thanks everyone!
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